Visiting rules

In order to avoid adverse effects on the spelean heritage assets within IGNP, it is prohibited:

a) collections of fauna, fossils and archaeological objects from caves, carried out without authorization from the Romanian Academy, under the provisions of art. 45 of the GEO no. 57/2007;

b) unauthorized use of caves and activities that may endanger the integrity or the natural balance of the caves;

c) displacement, sale, purchase, collection of speleothemes or other resources of the caves;

d) degradation by inscription or pollution of caves by storing objects, waste of any kind, corpses, toxic and hazardous substances and fuels of any kind inside them or in the relief elements with whom they communicate directly;

e) destruction or degradation of marks or indicator panels from outside or inside the caves;

f) performing unauthorized works within the perimeter of the surface or near the entrance of a protected cave,  such as: rock removal, deforestation, dams, explosions, constructions;

g) restriction of access of authorized persons to the entries of the caves;

h) popularization and dissemination of precise data on the identification and localization of the A class caves, which by their nature may lead to the endangerment of the speleological patrimony in this category.

 In order to avoid adverse effects on the geological heritage assets, it is prohibited:

a) the destruction, disruption or alteration of the preservation sites for geological objectives;

b) dislocation, sampling of rocks, fossils and vegetation from the area of a preservation site, without the consent of the PA (Park Administration);

c) entrance to the protected perimeter without the access permit issued by AIGNP;

d) changing the legal regime of a site or a land that includes a preservation site of geological interest under public property.

Within IGNP, the following activities are also prohibited:

a) camping in full protection areas;

b) camping in sustainable management areas without the PA approval;

c) igniting a fire outside localities, with the exception of specially equipped places, indicated by indicator panels;

d) abandonment or storage of waste of any kind, with the exception of specially equipped places;

e) the circulation of vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, other motor vehicles and bicycles outside the public or forest roads and touristic routes after the signs or barriers that limit access;

f) conducting ambulant business or the placement of kiosks without the approval of the PA, except in the areas of houses and chalets or tourist guesthouses that have legal permits for setting up and operation;

g) destruction or degradation of informative panels or signs, as well as plaques, pillars or marking signs on the tourist routes;

h) equestrian tourism outside the routes appropriately arranged and indicated;

i) photographing or filming for commercial purposes without the approval of PA;

j) harvesting of fertile soil or furrows in the grass, except in the built-up areas;

k) degradation of buildings, shelters, bridges and other arrangements made by PA;

l) conducting activities within IGNP or in the vicinity thereof, which are likely to result in a significant negative impact on wild species and natural habitats;

Activities within the protected natural areas or in the vicinity thereof are prohibited if they may result in a significant negative impact on wild species and natural habitats that they have been designated for, in the absence of specific regulatory provisions.

Hoping that these restrictive rules do nothing but to lead to the biological, landscape and cultural heritage preservation of our protected area, and to raising awareness of our visitors, we welcome you to visit the Iron Gates Natural Park, one of the most spectacular parks in Europe and beyond.