4. Racovat – Boldovin

 Route name

Racovăt – Boldovin




Mehedinţi Plateau

Route type



Red Point (RP)

Description of the route

The route beginsat the end of the public road  607 C of  Iloviţa village that meets a sylvan road  situated in the north part of the village.  It follows the sylvan road but also the  Racovat river which is on the left side of the direction. After about  750 metres we will see cliff formations that stand out on the right versants of the sylvan road, and on the left side we have  the  Racovat river. The main sylvan vegetation  in this sector of the route is  cărpiniţa, holm ,beech. After about 1,1 km we will walk along a bridge that  passes the river letting it on the right side of the direction, the route continuing  with a medium ascent of 5 %. The tourist route continues on the sylvan road  and after  1,2 km on the right side we can see the ruins of a chalk factory  on Racovat of over 100 years , then after 550 mon the left side of the road we see the sylvan bollard  187 from UP I Racovat. After  200 mthe sylvan road splits and we follow the right way which follows the  Racovat river ; we follow this sylvan road, which after 200 mhas got a fallen down section  and the route moves  along  the Racovat riveron a small section of  100 mthen it gets out again on the sylvan road.  Here the route changes following  the E direction, in standing crop, on a visible goat path  and starts to climb having a more accentuate  ascent  of  20% on a section of  100 muntil you enter a fir tree forest  on a distance of about  120 m ,and then you enter a holm tree forest. The route continues on the path, the ascent being easier because  it goes on the contour line  on a section of 800 mpassing through a holm tree with hornbeam forest  then we enter a mixed beech tree forest , and after  250 mon the  north-east direction  we meet a crossroads of three  grooves where a small river flows, the route leaves the path and climbs the east versant along the small river, climbing being difficult to be done on a section of  100 m then it moves on the left side of the small river and the climbing is equally difficult ,the ascent being of  30% and we follow the signs of the tourist touring  and after a distance of about  400m we arrive in a glade/opening , where we have the first belvedere point  P.B.1, with an opening of  180 degrees ,from here you can see  Meteriz and Racovat on South-West direction, the  Mehedinţi Plateau on the west. The altitude in this point is of 510 m. We continue the route along the margin of the forest on the right side on a distance of  370 m climbing the  Boldovin hillwith an ascent of  20 %.We then enter the large glade almost 150 m, continuing climbing on  NE-E direction, following the hill and the margin of the forest after a distance of  300 malong a gladewe arrive on a small platform, on top of Boldovin at an altitude of  633 mwhere we have the second belvedere point  P.B.2, with an opening of 360 degrees, we can see the top of  Meteriz and Racovat at SW, far away  the Micilep Crest (Teiul Moşului Crest) and Predealul Mare si Mic Crest, at Norththe crests of  Mehedinţi Plateau, at SE the Dealul Slatinicul Mare and  Matorat Crest. The route continues on East direction passing through the glade for about 240 m and we meet a back road which we follow on the right side  in the south direction and after a distance of 400 m on the left side we see a  deallocated banker; following the back road after  150m we see a number of 4 dwellings and the route leaves the back road and goes in the South direction passing through a glade on a distance of  300 m returning on the back road and  comes down the Foie-n Fir for about  200 m , entering a rare holm forest where you can see a number of 6-7 dwellings,  the climbing being done on a distance of 1,8 km through the forest following the signs of the tourist route and after leaving the forest we enter a glade where we see a dwelling  (Gherghescu’s dwelling ) which the route passes  on a distance of  100 mthrough a meadow of fruit trees ; we enter a large glade and after 300 m of easy descent  on the crest we have the belvedere point P.B. 3with an opening of 180 degrees;from here  you can see Iloviţa village at S and at Eastthe Matorat Crest , the route markings are at the visibility limit of  100-150 m. Continuing the descent   for almost  550 min the middle of the glade it arrives at  the end of the route on the sylvan road  crossing with it afterwards.

Length in km

11,3  km

Difference of level (total)

633 m

Running time

4 h (backward 4h)

GPS coordinates

Beginning of the route – N44 45.740, E22 28.196

Cliff formations – N44 46.116, E22 28.042

Ruins of a chalk factory on the Racovat crest – N44 46.859, E22 27.797

Sylvan bollard 187 from UP I Racovat – N44 46.96, E22 27.546

Lay-over place – N44 47.103, E22 27.715

Small river – N44 47.074, E22 28.183

Belvedere point 1 – N44 47.314, E22 28.048

Belvedere point 2 – N44 47.583, E22 28.354

Deallocated banker – N44 47.369, E22 28.601

Gherghescu’s dwelling – N44 46.254, E22 28.249

Belvedere point 3 – N44 46.072, E22 28.283

End of route – N44 45.807, E22 28.166


In spring/summer/autumn

No. of applied signs


No. of posts


No. of signage


No. of informing panels and their location 

1 panel; one of them at the exit of the public road 607

State of route


State of marking


Necessary works to execute

There are not

Covers on route

Capacity no. place/their state

A lay-over place set up with a small table, two benches and a recycle bin

Difficulty degree


Importance route


Access in the area  

By car – from  D.E.70 on the communal road 607 C

Year of route homologation 


Natural elements and attractions:


Natural forest landscape: from the very beginning of the route  , on the sylvan road  we can see  a forest with a mixture of orientalhornbeam (Carpinus orientalis) , beech (Fagus sylvatica) and  holm (Quercus cerris) .at the contact with the  Quercetum farnetto-cerris association there are rare exemplary  of  Pinus sylvestris.

In spring in the herbal stratum, the prevernal vegetation appear to us by snowdrops ( Galanthus nivalis).

The  Bahna-Orsova depressiondoes not impress byheights, cliffs, steeps, but by the easy curves of the hills and valleys.

Here life flows easily , in an archaic pace.  The old houses in Iloviţa and Bahna, of nineteenth century and beginning of twentieth century , some of them being declared architectonic monuments, represent proofs in the past. The traditional food  of cow, sheep and goat  milk, lures you during the whole ecotourist route. The end of spring and beginning of summer is the season of cherries, ecological fruits, because the polluted  industry  is too far away of these Mehedinti Places

Use of whitewash, as traditional activity in these places, is remembered in the old ovens, but also the ruins of the chalk factory on  Racovăţ Valley.

The tallest point in this route is  the Boldovin Hill (633 m), border between Iron Gates and Mehedinti Plateau, but also the place from which  one can see the Piatra Voditei, the Danube and Orşova at a distance. From the  Boldovin Hill, the path follows an old sylvan road, today only for those who want to admire the landscape by road, without any means of transport.

 Map :

Racovat - Boldovin