14. Valea morilor de apa

 Route name

Valea Morilor de Apă- Camenița




Almăj Mountains

Route type

Main, with five secondary deviated lines


Blue band (BB)

Description of the route

The route begins from the lay-over place Liborajdea on DN 57, at about 15 km from Berzasca to Moldova Veche. Leaving the lay over place, you pass DN57 to Berzasca. After 4 km of walking we meet on the right side a set up parking with little tables and benches; the area that we travel through is called  Caunita area; then after 1km we see a deallocated industrial harbor; after 600 m on the left side of the road we meet Caunita bording house where we find accommodation and meal; the tourist route goes on  DN57 and after 300 m on the left side of the highway we see the archeological site VILLA RUSTICA, a stony foundation enclosed by a wire fence representing a dwelling with stony wall of rustic villa type and a cottage; after 1,4 km the national road DN57 intersects the communal road to Sicheviţa; the local name of this crossroads is called Podul Gornei; here we have a bus station and an informing panel of the tourist route. The route continues on this road and after about 500 m on the right side we will see  Izvorul Tămăduirii Hermitage, ex picket of grenicers, an interesting point for the ecumenical tourism as well. Being founded recently, it will have an important role in renewing the spiritual life on these lands and in keeping the orthodox monastic tradition. The route continues and we enter Gornea village after 1,4 km; the tourist route  continues on the main road of the village and after 350 m on the right sidewe meet the Community Centerof the village in which there is the village Museum Gornea. In this museum there are valuable local exponents, some of them dating since the nineteenth century (folk ports, traditional mechanic tools, decorative folk objects, other objects related to traditional occupations (fishing), as well as a Dacian and Roman ceramic collection. We continue our road and after 200 m on the left side we see a fountain (1) and nearby a mixed shop, then after 100 m on the main tourist route in a road junction (1) where there is the orthodox church in Gornea villageand we meet the deviated line of a secondary route which goes to the mill and we will follow this route, on a little street with houses, then we go along the river downstream until a concrete bridge, we pass on it,  and the route continues  up stream on the shore of the river near a wood fence and after 500 m from the church  we arrive at the Moară de Sub Bişteg, a functional mill with push pieces and draw. Then we return on the road we came  until the church and we continue the route on the main deviated line and after 200 m we will meet a fountain (3), and after 300 m we meet another fountain (4); then we get out the Gornea village and immediately after 150 m we enter Sicheviţa, where on the left side there is the  Sicheviţa communal clinic, after we pass 350 m we meet another deviated line of secondary route that there is at a road junction (2), where there is also a fountain (5); we go on the secondary route for 250 m and pass on a wood bridge (1) which passes over the Sicheviţa river.

Here the route ramifies on two directions, one to the right at the millDe la Jarcufor about 150 m and another one to the left  at CodreanuMill at a distance of 450m; then we come back to the main route and after 450 m we meet another fountain (6)and immediately after 100m we arrive in the center of  Sicheviţa where there is the city hall, the community center, the orthodox church and a mixed shop; then the route continues on the road on the left side of the church and after 750 m we see near a mixed shop another fountain (7), and after 150 m we see another fountain (8); then we leave Sicheviţa and after 650 m the main tourist route meets the road junction (3) with two secondary deviated lines, one of them on the left side on the Zasloane valleyand the other on the  Gramensca valley, and the main route continues on the Cameniţa valley. We enter the secondary deviated line on the left side and after 100 mthere is a road junction (4) of the secondary route; we continue the route on the left one and after 100 m  you pass on a wood bridge(2),then we go on a back road  for about 400 m  and arrive at the  De la Stupa millwhich is a functional mill; we come back on the same road until the road junction from the secondary route and then  we go  on its line on the right side for 50 m until  another wood bridge (3), we pass on it and after 150 m we arrive at the De la Zasloane mill; nearby this mill there is Raia’s cabin. We comeback at the main route and continue on the other secondary deviated lineon the Gramensca valley. The route goes on this line on a back road  for about 600 m until a road parting, one goes on  the  Ravensca valleyand the other one on the  Gramensca valley; the route goes on the left side and after 50 m we meet a road junction (5) we follow the left side, we pass on an agrarian land and then we pass the river on a wood bridge (4) and arrive at the mill  from  Botul Craculuiafter 150 m. we come back at the road junction and continue the road  straight forward and after 350 m we see on the left side Iosif a Lui Colţu cabin ;after about 300 m the route leaves the left side of the back road and passes over the Gramensca river;nearby there is Bugea mill. We come back on the secondary route until the road junction  with the main route and we continue   the main one which goes on Valea Cameniţa,we go on the back road  to Gârnic and on this section you can see a lot of  cabins , remarkable being  Ilia Jurita’s cabinon the left and on the right cabin of Gaia a lui Iosif Patru, then  after about  1,7 km from the road junction  the route leaves  the road  and passes near the  Ghiţă Stoican’s cabin ,here we pass on a wood bridge (5) and we arrive at Lui Raia Mill. Behind the Ghiţă Stoican’s cabinon a path you can arrive  at the  De la Deal mill at about 100 m. here near this cabin we have a fountain too (9). The passing ofthe water mills ends here, the return road is done on the main road until  DN57.

Length in km

22,3 km

Difference of level (total)

157 m

Running time

7-8 h (backward 7-8 h)

GPS coordinates

Beginning of the route+ lay-over place  Liborajdea – N44 39.969, E21 46.595

Set up parking – N44 39.457, E21 49.164

Caunita boarding house – N44 39.623, E21 50.373

Archeological site VILLA RUSTICA – N44 39.652, E21 50.560

Gornei bridge – N44 39.635, E21 51.644

Izvorul Tămăduirii hermitage – N44 39.876, E21 51.673

Gornea museum – N44 40.741, E21 51.362

Fountain (1) – N44 40.869, E21 51.291

Mixed shop – N44 40.874, E21 51.292

Road junction (1), fountain (2), orthodox church – N44 40.918, E21 51.255

Moara de Sub Bişteg – N44 40.885,  E21 51.064

Fountain (3) – N44 41.016, E21 51.207

Fountain (4) – N44 41.166, E21 51.088

Communal clinic  Sicheviţa – N44 41.321, E21 50.997

Bifurcaţie (2), traseu secundar, fântâna (5) – N44 41.487, E21 50.847

Moara De la Jarcu – N44 41.399, E21 50.552

Moara Codreanu – N44 41.202, E21 50.778

Fountain (6) – N44 41.694, E21 50.666

The center of  Sicheviţa- N44 41.741, E21 50.623

Fountain (7) – N44 42.115, E21 50.433

Fountain (8) – N44 42.193, E21 50.370

Road junction (3) – N44 42.581, E21 50.221

Road junction  (4) – N44 42.540, E21 50.148

Wood bridge (2) – N44 42.473, E21 50.149

Moara De la Stupa – N44 42.275, E21 50.115

Moara De la Zasloane – N44 42.563, E21 50.018

Road parting – N44 42.889, E21 50.405

Road junction (5) – N44 42.926, E21 50.411

Wood bridge (4) – N44 42.974, E21 50.328

Moara De la Botul Cracului – N44 42.970, E21 50.285

Cabin of  Iosif a Lui Colţu – N44 43.115, E21 50.341

Moara de la Bugea – N44 43.268, E21 50.301

Cabin of  Ghiţă Stoican – N44 43.146, E21 49.408

Moara Lui Raia – N44 43.135, E21 49.391

Fountain (9) – N44 43.172, E21 49.415

End of the route – N44 43.162, E21 49.273


In spring /summer/autumn

No. of applied signs


No. of posts


No. of signage


No. of informing panels and their location

2 panels, on DN57 and on  Cameniţa Valley

State of routine


State of marking


Necessary works to execute

There are not

Covers on route

Capacity no. place/their state

A lay-over place set up with a small table, two benches and a recycle bin

Difficulty degree


Route importance


Access in the area

By car – from DN57

Year of route homologation 




Natural elements and attractions:

 This route goes through areas with natural elements on Cameniţa, Gramensca valleys, where Cereto – Hungarian oak treesare specific to  Berzasca – Cozla area, they appearing on the  Cameniţa and Gramensca valleys.

In the south-west of Almăj mountains, on a length of  18 km, there is Liubcovei depression, superposed to a Miocene depositation hollow. The relief of the depression differentiates from  that of the mountains, having a  hilly aspect, on the higher valleys (Valea Mare at Selişte and Dragoselca, Valea Oraviţei between the grooves  Văznici and Cocoşneag, Cameniţa between Dealul Moşului and Vărsare, Cruşoviţa in the area of origin, Liuborajdea) forming sedimentary and erosion basins.

The area is represented by the special sink; at some km of  Sicheviţa Platoul Carstic Gârnic begins.

In the calcareous area, the relief is made up of high and ramified crests, and hollow  plateaus (Cărbunari, Sfânta Elena); there are sinkholes with different depths (formed by their  alignment along the litological and tectonic contacts), dry carst valleys, limestone pavements (partially earthed by red argyle) etc.

 Map :

Valea morilor de apa - Camenita 1
Valea morilor de apa – Camenita 1
Valea morilor de apa - Camenita 2
Valea morilor de apa – Camenita 2