13. Trescovat

 Route name





Almăj Mountains

Route type



Red triangle (RT)

Description of the route

The route beginsat the exit of the national road  DN 57 near the tourist lay-over Stariste, on the back road climbing a slight ascent of 10%  and after a distance of 400 m; on the right sidewe meet Iovanovici Slavă’s dwelling ,after 100 mwe will meet the road junction 1, where we will go on the deviated line that climbs up, and after about 100 m we find Avramovici Gheorghe’s dwellingafter which we enter a standing cropof Turkey oak and the Hungarian oakand we meet after 250 m the road junction 2; we follow the deviated line on the right side which climbs up; and after about 350 m we get out from standing crop and enter a small glade where we meet the road junction  3 and follow the left deviated line entering a hornbeam forest with mixture of manna and after a distance of 500 m we meet the road junction 4, we follow the deviated line on the left side, the route continuing through standing crop and after a distance of 700 m we enter a small glade where after 50 m we meet the road junction 5, the tourist route continuing on the left deviated line, passing the glade on a visible path; after a distance of 200 m we meet a lost dwelling 1, after that you enter standing crop, follow the pathand tourist signs and after 400 m at the exit of standing crop here there is a set up fountain; here there is also the lay-over , then you enter a small glade and here we have the first belvedere point 1  with an opening of 180 degreesand you can see the Danubeand the Serbian shorewhere there is the  Lepenski Vir museum; the route continuesthrough the small gladeuntil a lost dwelling 2, where the route changes the direction climbing up a crest with an ascent of  20%  on a distance of 150 m, you pass through an agrarian land and arrive at  Ianculovici Milivoi’s dwelling, then you enter standing crop and follow a back road on a section of 250 m; you leave the standing crop and get out of this road on the left side where you enter a small gladewhere there is the belvedere point 2 with an opening of 180 degreesand you can see the volcanic  neck Trescovat; we pass through the small gladeand enter standing crop, we pass  a distance of 400 m until the road junction 6; we follow the deviated line on the right side. The route goes through standing crop on a distance of 400 m and enters a small gladeand enters again standing crop where we meet a holm and beech forest  and after 100m the beech predominates and the route begins a climb up of 30% on a slight visible path following the tourist signs, after a distance of about  300 m we arrive at the place to Trescovat where we have to climb up Trescovat peak, the route climbs up on the left side  a cliff versant following the tourist signsuntil the plateau where there is the belvedere point 3 with an opening of 360 degrees and you can see the Danube until Cozla towest and east the Romanian and Serbian Greben, to north Copriva peak, as well as the dwellings around Trescovăt; we come back to the climb-up point and the route begins to climb down and after 130 m we leave the forest and enter a large glade where there is the belvedere point 4 with an opening of 180 degrees and we can see the Danube and the west side of the volcanic neck Trescovat where  one of its versantslooks like a side view human face. we continue through the glade and after  a distance of 200 m, enter standing crop, we follow the path and the tourist signs  and after 400m we enter a glade in the west direction  a section of 100 m where we will go on the margin of the forest following the markings until the entry in standing crop  after 100 m; we travel a distance of 550 m through the forestuntil we meet a cliff formation 1 where the route continues on a slippery land with rock debris on a distance of 180 m until the crossroads of two grooveswhere there is a river with drinkable water, from here the route moves on the crest on the right side and continues following the visible path  and tourist markings on a distance of 600 m , then we meet another sectionwith cliff formation 2, and after  200 m we arrive at the belvedere point 5 which is on a cliff crestwith an opening of 360 degrees and you can see the Danube, the Petrovici Svetozar’s dwelling, and the bases of Trescovat; the route climbs down this cliff creston a distance of 100 m where you leave the standing crop and enter a small glade where there is the Petrovici Svetozar’s dwelling; then we pass through the glade in the south direction  and after 300 m we enter standing crop where we pass a distance of 150 mand we enter the glade  on a distance of 150m and again enter standing crop on a distance of 200m and there is  the Iovanovici Milan’s dwelling. After 50m there isthe end of the route.

Length in km

10 km

Difference of level (total)

675 m

Running time

5-6 h (backward 5-6 h)

GPS coordinates

Beginning od route – N44 32.533. E22 03.676

Iovanovici Slava’s dwelling – N44 33.595. E22 02.101

Road junction 1 – N44 32.633, E22 03.615

Avramovici Gheorghe’s dwelling – N44 32.666, E22 03.572

Road junction 2 – N44 32.801, E22 03.581

Road junction 3 – N44 32.955, E22 03.517

Road junction 4 – N44 33.143, E22 03.648

Road junction 5 – N44 33.230, E22 03.281

Lost dwelling 1 – N44 33.185, E22 03.165

Fountain – N44 33.232, E22 02.947

Lay-over place – N44 33.232, E22 02.947

Belvedere point 1 – N44 33.329, E22 02.885

Lost dwelling 2 – N44 33.383, E22 02.863

Ianculovici Milivoi’s dwelling – N44 33.348, E22 03.167

Belvedere point 2 – N44 33.444, E22 03.362

Road junction 6 – N44 33.620, E22 03.618

To  Trescovat – N44 33.935, E22 03.454

Belvedere point 3 – N44 33.820, E22 03.325

Belvedere point 4 – N44 34.015, E22 03.329

Cliff formation1 – N44 34.022, E22 02.799

Small river – N44 34.002, E22 02.898

Cliff formation 2 – N44 33.739, E22 02.696

Belvedere point 5 – N44 33.701, E22 02.560

Petrovici Svetozar’s dwelling – N44 33.655, E22 02.504

Iovanovici Milan’s dwelling – N44 33.595, E22 02.101

End of the route – N44 33.587, E22 02.068


In spring/summer/autumn

No. of applied signs


No. of posts


No. of signage


No. of informing panels and their location

2 panels, both panels, at entry and exit on DN57

State of route


State of marking


Necessary works to execute

There are not

Covers on route

Capacity no. place/their state

A lay-over place set up with a small table, two benches and a recycle bin

Difficulty degree


Route importance


Access in the area

By car – from DN57

Year of route homologation 




Natural elements and attractions:

Very diverse natural landscape. 

This route is represented by flora and fauna elements characteristic to the South-West area of Romania, which developed according to climate elements existent in this part of the country (temperate continental climate with sub Mediterranean influences).

Referring to the flora we find mixture forests, where we meet elements like the Turkey oak  (Quercus cerris), the Hungarian oak (Quercus frainetto), the hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), the oriental hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis), the manna ash (Fraxinus ornus), beech tree forests etc.

A special floristic element can be found on the volcanic neck  Trescovat, namely the Banat black fir-tree.

The attraction of this route represents the volcanic neck Trescovăţ which is a cliff formation that enchants our sight  and on which there are species of trees and bushes which have strange shapes due to the weather phenomena as well as the belvedere point PB3 from where we can see how the Danube succeeded  to create a spectacular course through the mountain.

Regarding the vegetation we can mention: the orchid, sweet William, yellow colchicum violet colchicum, snowdrop, hardhay, milfoil etc .

The fauna is represented by mammals like the buck (Capreolus capreolus), the wolf (Canis lupus), the wild boar, reptileslike the green lizard (Lacerta viridis), nose-horned viper (Viperă ammodytes), the  Hermann’s tortoise  (Testudo hermanni boetgerri).

Placed dwellings where traditional products can be offered to tourists.

The reference objective of the route is Trescovăţ mountain, a volcanic neck, that filled in the Iron Gate Defile along the geological periods, with  terrigenous vulcanites.

Beginning with Valea Stariste, along the route, at short periods of time (almost half an hour), we meet belvedere points, places where you can admire: the Danube, Mala Cucuiova, Trescovatul Mic and Trescovatul Mare.

The belvedere points are at higher and higher altitudes , ending with the plateau of the Trescovat mountain, a place from where an impressive view opens, both on Romanian and Serbian places. Having an altitude of  755 m, the Trescovat mountain is one of the highest mountains in the Iron Gate Natural Park. The difficulty of the route is not high, except the climb up part of the mountain, on the east part of the mountain, where the ascent can arrive even to  70%.

The Trescovat mountain is impressive due to volcanic rocks (quartz-porphyrites, basalt), clusters of Banat black fir-tree, enclavesof sibliacs (liliac, oriental hornbeam, manna, smoke tree), but also through the fact that, once you get on the plateau, you have everything at your feet. From here, the view opens to west until Ravensca, a village with Czech people, and downstream on the roght shore of the Danube, you can see the Serbian Greben. The route climbs down on the west side of the mountain to one of the manor houses in this area,  Petrovici Svetozar’s mansion, where you can eat the traditional food.

Even if it lasts for  8 hours, the route on the  Trescovăţ Mountain will be for ecotourists an occasion to fill their soul and mind with the image of the landscapes on the hill, mountain, and water, unique in their own way, but of a wonderful  pictoresqueness in Romania.

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