Given that the southern boundary coincides with the Romanian State border with the Republic of Serbia, the border regime is established in the whole Park area. Due to this fact, all persons transiting the area are required to have their identity card.

Another restriction is imposed by the existence of the long-nosed viperin the whole Park area, which is avenomous snake, whose bite can create big troubles.

The long-nosed viperdoes not attack the humans, but it juts reacts to aggression or when it is accidentally run over.

Measures needed to avoid the viper bites:

- Watch very carefully where you are about to step or place your hand, especially in rocky areas with sunny exhibition of slopes.

- Go to areas where there are vipers only in a group of at least two people and with minimal precautions: safety boots or high shoes.

- Do not sit near rocks, scree or rocky walls without investigating the place carefully.

- Do not venture barefoot near water courses if vegetation is abundant.

What to do in case of viper bites?

- Try to identify the species of snake (length, thickness, shape of the head and tail, dorsal drawing and color):

- Keep yourself calm, panic may worsen symptoms;

- Examine the bite place – the viper leaves the trace of one or both fangs, in whose area you can see a small amount of lightly viscous yellow liquid (venom);

- Disinfect the wound with an alcohol-free substance (hydrogen peroxide) to prevent an infection;

- Remove calmly all objects at the bite level (rings, bracelets or stockings and footwear);

- Apply a compressive bandage made of gauze or elastic, in tight threads from the bite place to the root of the limb in question, but allowing blood circulation, then immobilize the limb with splints, as in the case of fractures;

- Go to the nearest hospital, if possible with a transportation means; otherwise step slowly and do not run under any circumstance.