The Iron Gates Natural Park includes 50 villages, belonging to 13 communes, and 2 municipalities: Drobeta Turnu Severin and Orsova – partially, and a city – Moldova Noua.

The largest communes, at the level of 2007, with more than 3,000 inhabitants, in the area of the Iron Gates Natural Park are Eselnita, with 3,091 inhabitants, Berzasca – 3,022 inhabitants, Pojejena – 3,172 inhabitants. Among those with 1,000-2,700 inhabitants, we should mention Coronini, Sichevita, Svinita, and Garnic. As for the communes, Carbunari, Sopotu Nou and Socol only partly belong to the Park area. A number of 10 villages fall under the category of 500-1,000 inhabitants, other 9 had 100-500 inhabitants, and the remaining 19 had fewer than 100 inhabitants.

Orsova is the locality occupying the second place in terms of number of inhabitants in the Park area, with 12,616 inhabitants in 2010.

The locality with the largest number of inhabitants is the town of Moldova Noua, which, at the end of 2010, had 16,874 inhabitants, of which 11,793 people in Moldova Veche and 4,030 in Moldova Noua. The distance between these two localities is very short, only 3-4 km. Moldova Veche, first mentioned in 1588, has a compact aggregated structure, being located on the bank of the Danube, opposite to Moldova Veche islet.

Romanians represent the majority population in the Iron Gates Natural Park – 80.85%. Serb population, which represents the second nationality as share of the Iron Gates Natural Park with 11.3%, is spread in the central and western part of the Park, namely Svinita commune, Moldova Noua town and Pojejena commune, coming mainly from the migration caused by the Ottoman domination of Serbia.

The population of Czech nationality (the Pems), settled in the early 19th century, during the Hapsburg domination, represents 4.79% of the total population of the Iron Gates Natural Park. The highest shares are in the localities of Bigar, Eibenthal, Saint Helena and Garnic, where they represent 30-40% of the population.

The Roma are found in high numbers in the localities of Eselnita, where they represented 9.48% of the population, and Berzasca – 3.49% of the population, representing overall 1.72% of the population of the Iron Gates Natural Park.

Other nationalities: Hungarians – 0.73% and Germans – Swabians – 0.39% are spread mainly in the urban settlements of Orsova and Moldova Veche, with a small number of Slovaks, Ukrainians, Bulgarians and other nationalities adding to them.