Implementantion projects


1. “Integrated management of biological diversity and sustainable regional development landscape and ecological connectivity Carpathians”, leading the National Park Administration, acronym BIOREGIO Carpathians.

2. “Improving the conservation status of priority species and habitats in wetlands Iron Gates”, leading the Environmental Protection Agency Caras Severin, acronym LIFE10 NAT/RO/000740.

3. “RNP Romsilva-Iron Gates Natural Park Administration, guaranteeing an adequate management of biodiversity”, leading the Iron Gates Natural Park Administration, acronym APNPF BIOMAN.


1. Danubeparks step 0.2 is a project that is based on traditional collaboration success that spans over a period of three years between protected areas along the Danube River. The project objective is to improve the morphology of river Danube main species ecotourism and conservation. The project is 89.865 euro and the implementation period October 2012 – September 2014. During these work packages to set the following activities:

- continue border protection and counting winter eagle bird with a broad swathes of the population;

- implementation cadastre component trees and black poplar population, including their genetic analysis;

- visitors center planning and development of the network of protected areas and development Danube Action Plan Danube morphology.

2.  “Lower Danube – most beautiful tourism spot”

3. “Support the creation and promotion of development paths for eco and sustainable tourism in the National Park Djerdap”


Brochure – Romanian

Brochure – Serbian


Projects in Iron Gates Natural Park